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Modest Elegance Meets Contemporary Design By Sandra Rives, Red Opium


SKU: 21554345656
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Royal Blue
  • Detail:

    • Modest Radiance: Exude elegance with this royal blue sateen jumpsuit. Its design is a testament to how modest fashion can be both contemporary and timelessly sophisticated.

    • Ultimate Comfort: This sateen piece, with its soft touch and radiant sheen, promises an unparalleled comfort, letting you shine while ensuring ease.

    • Tailored Modesty: The jumpsuit’s wide-leg cut and long sleeves perfectly encapsulate modesty without compromising on style. Its versatile fabric ties offer an additional touch—choose to tie an avant-garde bow at the front or let it gracefully adorn the back.

    • Seamless Craftsmanship: Every stitch, from the discreet back zipper to the detailed tailoring, is a reflection of Sandra's commitment to perfection.

    • Event-Ready Elegance: Designed for the most fashionable soirées, this jumpsuit will ensure you're always the epitome of modest chic.

    About Sandra: Sandra Rives, a Chinese Malaysian-born designer now based in Perth, intertwines her rich Asian heritage with the values of contemporary. Australian fashion.  Her journey that bridges tradition with modernity. From the depths of native Aboriginal Australia to her associations with the legendary Jimmy Choo.


    • Cherish the Radiance: To retain the luxurious sheen of the sateen and maintain the jumpsuit's pristine condition, opt for dry cleaning.
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