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Oceanic Elegance by Jonathan Yun: Handcrafted Acropora Coral Pendant in Sterling Silver


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Color: Silver
    • Artisanal Mastery: Every 'Acropora Coral Pendant' is an expression of meticulous handcrafting, standing as a testimony to unmatched craftsmanship.
    • Pure Brilliance: Sculpted from 100% sterling silver, ensuring both its longevity and timeless luster.
    • Ocean's Tribute: More than just a pendant, it's a reflection of the Acropora coral's splendor, echoing the wondrous tales of the deep seas.
    • Absolute Uniqueness: Not merely an accessory, but an unparalleled piece. Singular in creation and existence.


    • To maintain its pristine shimmer, regularly polish with a soft cloth.
    • Ensure protection from chemicals and abrasives.
    • Always store in a dry place, preferably in its original box.

    Jonathan Yun:
    A distinguished Malaysian jewelry sculptor, Yun's creations are where art meets elegance. Each piece is a testament to his deep reverence for nature and his exceptional craftsmanship. Experience the magic of oceanic wonders meticulously brought to l

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