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The Pinnacle of Artistry: Black Long Kaftan by Nora Sahraoui


SKU: 364215376135199
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Black
  • Detail:

    • A Fusion of Cultures: Envisage a garment birthed from the heart of Nora Sahraoui – where French elegance effortlessly intertwines with Moroccan heritage.
    • Handcrafted Excellence: Each kaftan is meticulously hand-embroidered, a testament to Nora's unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.
    • Glimmering Details: Embellished with shimmering crystal accents, this kaftan promises not just an outfit, but a luminescent aura.
    • Velvety Elegance: Crafted from premium velvet, it drapes around you with a luxurious touch, offering both opulence and comfort.

    Dive into Nora's World: Beyond just clothing, Nora Sahraoui offers an immersive experience. Adorning this kaftan is akin to wrapping oneself in a tale of two cities – the sophistication of Paris and the rich tapestry of Marrakech. It's more than fashion; it's a voyage that transcends the ordinary, elevating the wearer into realms of absolute splendor.

    Please Note: The inner gold dress showcased with the kaftan is not included. However, the kaftan alone stands as a beacon of unmatched elegance, ensuring that you're the showstopper at every event.

    Care: Such an exquisite piece demands utmost care. Dry clean only to retain its grandeur. When storing, ensure a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight.

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