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The Forbidden Scarf - A Tapestry of Legacy & Sophistication Designed by Jeny Tjahyawati - Indonesia's Distinguished Modest Fashion Designer.

JENY TJAHYAWATI | The Forbidden Scarf

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Color: Multicolor
  • Detail:

    • Historical Elegance: This scarf is adorned with the 'Forbidden Monarch Batik Motif', a precious design echoing the tales of the Dutch-Indonesian era. Interwoven within its fabric are shades of light tan, blue, and white, ensuring every glance reveals a tale of history and grace.

    • Premium Fabrication: Woven from a lightweight cotton-poly blend, this scarf promises breathability combined with a gentle caress against the skin.

    • Iconic Styling: Reflecting the timeless elegance of Jackie O, while resonating with the modern aesthetics, this square-style scarf is a testimony to Jeny Tjahyawati's prowess in uniting tradition with contemporary flair.


    Preserve its Legacy: To keep this scarf's intricate design and vibrant colors intact:

    • Dry Clean Only.
    • Hand wash or machine wash cold with a gentle detergent.
    • Tumble dry on a low setting.
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