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Simple Style Triagle Scarf

by Jeny Tjahyawati 





Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Multicolor
  • Detail:

    • Luxurious Simplicity: Immerse yourself in the opulence of dark blue. The chiffon material, known for its sheer beauty, adds an ethereal touch, ensuring that the scarf stands out with an elegant shimmer.

    • Refined Craftsmanship: Designed in a unique triangle style, this piece is a testament to Jeny Tjahyawati's impeccable sense of style and her commitment to bringing contemporary elegance to traditional wear.

    • Supreme Comfort: Crafted from chiffon, the scarf is lightweight, offering a soft and smooth texture against the skin.


    Cherish its Grace: To maintain the scarf's impeccable quality and deep hues:

    • Hand wash recommended.
    • Alternatively, machine wash cold with a gentle detergent.
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