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By Hafsa Lodi | "Modesty: A Fashion Paradox" delves into the complexities surrounding the global trend of modest fashion. The book examines the religious scriptures of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity that advocate modest dressing, contrasts high-fashion modest-wear runway shows with institutionalized female subjugation, and explores activists' views on modesty as a feminist expression. This intricate exploration uncovers the varied motivations and controversies behind the choice to conceal rather than reveal


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    Hafsa Lodi is an American-Muslim journalist with over a decade of experience in covering Middle Eastern fashion and culture. With a BA in Journalism from Ryerson University and an MA in Islamic law from SOAS, University of London, she's adept at exploring intersections of religion, modernity, and culture. Hafsa has contributed to notable publications like Vogue Arabia, The Independent, and Teen Vogue. Her book, "Modesty: A Fashion Paradox", which debuted at the 2020 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, delves into the global modest fashion movement, examining its cultural, religious, and political influences. Harper’s Bazaar US described it as a "tender portrait" of the movement's dynamics

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