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Classic Elegance exquisite deep red Cheongsam by SANDRA RIVES Malaysian Chinese born - Perth-based label


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Color: red
  • RUNWAY COLLECTION: Classic Elegance Reimagined in Modest Fashion By Sandra Rives


    • Harmonious Fusion: Unveiling the deep red Cheongsam, adorned with delicate white and black leaf motifs, this piece serves as a testament to the rich tapestry of Chinese tradition blending seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics.

    • Signature Neckline: The dress boasts a traditional Chinese Cheongsam neckline, a design element that lends an authentic touch and elevates its classic appeal.

    • Dynamic Slits: High slits on both sides maintain the traditional allure of the Cheongsam, exuding an air of elegance and grace.

    • Modest Modernity: Paired with sleek leggings, this Cheongsam reinterprets the classic design to create a look that is both elegant and modest, marking a perfect ensemble for exclusive events.

    • Premium Fabrication: Crafted meticulously from lightweight chiffon, the dress promises a comfortable wear experience, complemented by the luxe feel of the soft sateen lining.

    About Sandra:

    Emerging from the dynamic city of Perth, Sandra Rives , deeply influenced by her Chinese and Malaysian roots, Sandra's creations beautifully amalgamate traditional motifs and modern designs. Each outfit she crafts is a celebration of heritage, culture, and the sophisticated modest fashion enthusiast's needs.


    • Preserve its Grandeur: For longevity and vibrancy of this Cheongsam:
      • Dry Clean Only.
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