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 A Wild Side with Class and Elegance Crafted by Nora Sahraoui – The embodiment of French sophistication meeting the allure of Moroccan tradition.

NORA SAHRAOUI | Maxi Animal Print Dress

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Color: Multicolor
  • Detail

    • Wild Elegance: Dive into the realm of luxury with a striking black, white, and tan animal print, capturing the essence of Nora Sahraoui's bold and timeless designs.

    • Tailored Perfection: Designed to be slightly fitted at the bust and waist while offering a loose fit at the hip, this silhouette complements various body types, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

    • Effortless Elegance: A strategically placed zipper at the back offers both convenience and sophistication, ensuring easy wearability without breaking the dress's seamless charm.

    • Ultimate Comfort: Crafted from the most exquisite cotton, the dress promises an embrace that's as luxurious to the touch as it is pleasing to the eye.

    • Evening Excellence: Beyond being a dress, it's a statement piece, perfectly suited for evening occasions, ensuring you stand out and remain the focal point.

    • Standout Silhouette: The design not only embraces the wild allure of animal prints but also captures the essence of sophisticated evening wear. Every stitch and pattern is a testament to Nora's dedication to fashion excellence.

    Care: For maintaining its mesmerizing design and pristine condition, it's recommended to either Dry Clean or Hand wash with a gentle detergent.

    A Nora Sahraoui Masterpiece: Born in France and deeply influenced by her rich Moroccan heritage, Nora Sahraoui merges the best of both worlds. Her precision, eye for detail, and ability to intertwine cultures set her designs apart. Donning her creation is an embrace of global elegance and timeless allure.

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